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My mother was put in prison for 2 months as her name was added to a trade license without her knowledge

Asked 4 months ago by sha8wn
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My mother was traveling to India on Feb 5 2020 when she was stopped at the airport and put in RAK prison for a rent due to RAKEZ that was filed in 2007. The rent was owed to RAKEZ by a company called Icon Constructions, for some reason my mother's name was on the trade license of this company. The total owed to RAKEZ from 2007 - 2020 is approximately AED 500,000 which we are in no position to pay. In the recent few years my mother has travelled in and out of the country without any issues. After 2 months of being in prison, my mother was released because of the COVID situation but still has a travel ban on her. Back in 2007, she used to work with a man named Dashrath in Sharjah Saif Zone. In 2007, this man founded Icon Constructions in RAK using RAKEZ and made my mother a 10% partner (I have the MOU) for this. In 2008, my mother transferred the shares back to this man as she wanted to get away from him because he had bad business practices and never paid her (I have the Share Transfer Agreement). In this agreement, it clearly states, moving forward all liabilities are owed by Dashrath from 2008 onwards. Now it has come to light while studying the case files, after my mother left him in 2008, this man added my mother's name to the trade license in 2009. He was capable of forging signatures and making fake documents as he had all the information of my mother since she worked with him. When we asked RAKEZ to show us the contract, NOC or any document where my mother approved or allowed her name to be added to the trade license - they are saying they do not have this. My mother had a house wife visa from 2007 till present. My mother has done nothing wrong, has retired from her job and we have no way of getting access to such sums of money and I have the documents to show she is innocent. What can I do next so that this case can be dismissed / withdrawn and the travel bank get lifted so that my mother can go and retired in India. Thanks

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