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Legal advice is considered a profession for certain lawyers who have known his background and who have a great and solid experience in the field of teaching legal material or in the legal profession or the judicial work. The profession of legal counsel requires from him a physical and intellectual effort to find the legal solution to the legal affliction, on which he must give a legal opinion.

On the one hand, the material effort must be available on a variety of legal libraries and office equipment that allow him to dedicate himself and see that the consultation can be integrated into a model that addresses all aspects of the case brought before legal counsel. If the tradition of requesting written legal opinions has not yet been established in many Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, this does not mean that it does not exist. Numerous files submitted to justice included legal consultations, which were seized by university professors or former judges and approved by lawyers in their cases and attached their notes to clarify the legal problem before the court to inform him in his judicial system and for the decision to be rendered in accordance with the validity of the law.

Counsel not only benefits the lawyer and strengthens their memories, but it can benefit the general public who have not yet reached the stage of litigation to manage the affairs of their lives and each day and the problems or problems they encounter within them, whether among themselves or between state administrations and others, the council will therefore be a guide to them either on how to deal with these dilemmas , or an encouraging reason for the manner of settling disputes with the numerous expenses it requires so that they do not recover them all even if they have won their case in court. .

If the council encourages litigation, it benefits the future litigant, because the chances of success in his case will be high, unlike the one who enters the trial and does not know what he is looking for, then he has to spend huge sums and in the end he loses his file.

The legal advice component on the website of my court has not yet reached the stage of reprisals Written consultations according to the methods known to professional advisers, not because they do not, there are no qualified staff able to match the most experienced advisers in Saudi Arabia in particular, but because the site is still in its infancy and to volunteer to answer questions from visitors provided that the startup is free and free and not in the professional sense of the term. This does not mean that anyone wishes to consult fully, in writing and on the basis of the available arguments that they cannot obtain via this site, but they only need to write to the administration on the subject with their address. e-mail, and she will coordinate with the site legal staff to do whatever is necessary. Until this vision is clear, we thank the site visitors for their encouragement and support by introducing it at all levels.

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